Craig Funsten
Vice-President, Project Manager

Craig brings decades of experience, acute problem-solving skills and unique combination of uncompromising management and a down-to-earth style. He's been a construction estimator/project manager for 31 years, and before that, Craig worked in city planning for four years. He was an estimator/project manager for a large tenant improvement contractor in Los Angeles, where he worked on logistically complex projects for banks, law firms, and corporations. As one example, Craig managed the successful $33 million renovation of the First Interstate Bank Tower following its devastating 1988 fire in Los Angeles.

As an Adroit project manager, Craig is a keen problem-solver and successfully manages multiple projects. Working with building committees and architects, Craig assists in constructability considerations, phasing, conceptual estimating, and budgeting. During construction, Craig works closely with project superintendents to optimize the procurement of materials and labor, and he ensures that the projects stay on schedule.